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Christi Lee



Program Attendees

Osiris Collazos
Veronica Calderon
Mike Davis
JR Croston
Keith Caviness
Ashley Williams Clark
Mark Foster
Carla Hanzal
Sonya Harper
Amy Heilman
Kati Hynes
Sabrina Joy-Hogg
Brenda Julian
Harvey Kee
Chiquitha Lloyd
Kellie Lofton
Rick Parker
Joe Penner
Danny Pleasant
Suzanne Pugh
Celestine Ratliff
Angela Reid
DeVire Robinson
Sharon Taulbert
Cedric Terrell
Mike Vasaune
Bob Vaughn, Jr.
Irene Vogelsong
Gonzalo Wallis
Larry Weems
Brad Winer

Equipping People to Impact Organizations

The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is a signature 12-month program of Community Building Initiative (CBI) supports non-profit board members and senior staff of non-profit, public and for-profit organizations in the leadership role they and their organizations play in building a more inclusive and equitable Charlotte-Mecklenburg. LDI develops, connects and guides diverse groups of leaders (28 – 32 per class) in increasing their awareness of and ability to influence for inclusion and equity. LDI's long-term goal is to increase participating organizations' commitment to and capacity for promoting access, inclusion and equity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. This includes addressing aspects such as race, ethnicity, gender socio-economics, religion, sexual orientation and others.

Who's Involved

LDI was launched in 2001 when CBI’s leadership team piloted the model. Since that time CBI has offered 14 additional classes of LDI and has graduated almost 400 individuals who represented approximately 32 key community organizations and institutions. Classes may include up to two organizations new to LDI.


The success of LDI requires a diverse group of participants, including diversity across race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, perspective, background, employment and time in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Organizations are asked to send two participants at a time, optimally a multi-racial/gender pair.

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