Equity Impact Circles

Equity Impact Circles


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Equity Impact Circles

Program Description

"Changing the Chatter" to Advance Equity in Charlotte

CBI is committed to increasing both the understanding and advancement of equity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg through The Equity Project. This summer it piloted Equity Impact Circles to promote deepening dialogue about equity and how it manifests in the broader community. Guided by two moderators, intact groups of 6 - 10 people gathered three times over 3 - 12 weeks to develop relationships and engage in high-impact conversation about equity. Using TED Talks and other content as a jumping-off point, participants learned to exchange perspectives, ask questions and articulate ideas using an equity lens.


Equity Impact Circles are intended to:

  • Build relationships;
  • Deepen commitment to CBI’s mission “to achieve inclusion and equity in our community”; and
  • Broaden the community of leaders who are utilizing an equity lens in exploring community identity and issues.

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