Stakeholders Breakfast

Stakeholders Breakfast


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Stakeholders Breakfast


CBI began its 25th Anniversary by Celebrating Our Journey and Building a More Equitable Future Together. Executive Director Janeen Bryant shared her vision for our equity journey, and attendees were invited to share their thoughts on what a more equitable future looks like to them and what they could do to make that happen.


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The 2021 Stakeholders Breakfast reminded us of our shared responsibility to rebuild on firmer footing, following unprecedented jolts with the theme: “Reckoning with Aftershocks.” The conversation highlighted ways in which we can recommit to move our community forward, reconnect with each other, and rebuild the community. #1 New York Times Bestseller, Clint Smith, shared his insight on reckoning with unjust history and local community members were involved in street interviews about what they were most hopeful for moving forward.


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In a year marked by a global pandemic, a growing racial justice movement, and a contentious election, CBI found a new way to unite the community by hosting their first-ever virtual Stakeholders Breakfast. With over 700 attendees in what was dubbed the “best Zoom meeting of the year,” local and national voices responded to what we learned from the Fault Lines in our community and country. The 2020 Stakeholders Breakfast encouraged our community to respond with hope and courage and continue working toward building a more inclusive and equitable future. 


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The 2019 Stakeholders Breakfast gathered nearly 900 members of our community to explore the theme: “Finding Our Courage for Equity and Justice.” Featured speaker and author Anand Giridharadas encouraged us to ask challenging questions of ourselves and one another. Award-winning musician Dae-Lee asked us to imagine a community where diverse voices are equally valued. Community leaders shared their own stories of what courage looks like in their lives.


Table conversation challenged each guest to examine their own opportunities to show courage. All of these pieces aligned with CBI’s reimagined Mission and Vision, which anchored the breakfast program.


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In 2018, CBI convened a record crowd of over 800 people to mark the conclusion of CBI’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. The stories of local people who are working to increase equity in a variety of systems and organizations were showcased through compelling videos. It was also a chance for people to connect with one another through table conversation and to be actively engaged in a CBI experience.


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CBI’s Largest Community Event of the Year

The Stakeholders Breakfast is an opportunity for all to consider how each of us can WAKE UPINTERRUPT, and STEP UP about issues of equity in our community.  It is also a chance for people to connect with one another through table conversation and to be actively engaged in a CBI experience. Our thanks to all of the people who join in this incredible event and our special gratitude to our sponsors who make this important program possible.

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