Sponsor Spotlight: EY

In our Sponsor Spotlight series, CBI highlights our relationships with our sponsors, and the work they are doing to build a more equitable and just community within their own spheres of influence. Today’s Sponsor Spotlight focuses on EY.

Dr. Yele Aluko

EY describes their purpose as building a better working world. This ambitious goal considers diversity, equity, and inclusion to be at its very foundation: “We aspire to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusiveness are core to who we are and how we work,” says Dr. Yele Aluko, Chief Medical Officer at EY Americas. “We hold a collective commitment to this journey, to foster an environment where the diversity of mankind is respected, and that all differences are valued. We strive for equitable opportunity and reward, such that everyone can experience a sense of belonging — where people are inspired to team and lead inclusively in their interactions every day. At EY, we believe in maximizing the power of different perspectives and backgrounds in our teaming.”
Like many companies around the US, the events of 2020 spurred a renewed commitment to anti-racism at EY, leading to the development of EY’s Anti-Racism Commitment. Dr. Aluko describes the commitment as “a thought-out commitment to leverage who we are as an organization to make a sustained investment into human society, designed to advance societal equity along racial demographics.” The commitment consists of three pillars: Talent, Policy, and Community.
Dr. Aluko described the Talent pillar as the most inward-facing: “We turned the mirror on ourselves and explored where we might have inadvertently or overtly been biased in the way we operate, in manners that might have precluded inclusion and equity in our workforce. As a result of this work, our goal is to revise our internal processes and hold ourselves accountable to drive an inclusive environment for all our EY employees.
“As it relates to Policy, one of our focus areas is Health Equity. We have committed to use our powerful platform to drive policy that will dismantle the adverse social determinants of health that minority populations encounter, and by so doing reduce disease vulnerability and enable health systems to develop competencies along the journey towards health equity through the elimination of health disparities.
“In support of Community, we are expanding the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network, our newly launched program, with a renewed focus on Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. The program leverages our significant Entrepreneur Of The Year™ platform to help connect them to peers, sponsors, capital and customers.” EY is also investing in efforts to bridge the digital divide, and contributing to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in order to increase the number of Black and African Americans in professional services careers.
With such a strong commitment to equity, EY’s support of CBI is a natural fit. Dr. Aluko explains: “EY’s mission across our U.S. and global footprint to build a better working world is actionable only if it is brought to life in all our local communities. For that reason, we intend to continue a vocal and visible role in partnership and advocacy with CBI, espousing, supporting and living our commitment to our societal value of social equity and the elimination of systemic bias. Ultimately we seek to be a pivotal enabler for maturing into a more equitable and just Charlotte-Mecklenburg.”

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