Sponsor Spotlight: Ally Financial


In our Sponsor Spotlight series, CBI highlights our relationships with our sponsors, and the work they are doing to build a more equitable and just community within their own spheres of influence. Today’s Sponsor Spotlight focuses on Ally Financial.


“Ally is committed to financial and social inclusion through innovative philanthropy, its financial products and services, and other programming that reduce barriers to economic mobility and inspire social change,“ says Mike Rizer, President of the Ally Charitable Foundation and Executive Director, Corporate Affairs at Ally Financial. “CBI’s mission to fight bias and build equity aligns directly with Ally’s core values and ‘Do It Right’ corporate culture. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion are vital to the future of our country and our company. It’s what will enable us ALL to be our best. By leveraging unique perspectives and ideas, we can better approach challenges, discover opportunities and drive innovation.


“Ally has proudly sponsored and had strong relationship with CBI for many years. Several of our employees have been involved in CBI’s programs to increase access, equity and inclusion. Natalie Brown, our director of Corporate Citizenship, served on the board for seven years. Ally sponsors the annual CBI Stakeholders Breakfast. This year, Ally also sponsored a CBI employee for Leaders Under 40 which supports a diverse, cross-sector group of emerging community leaders. Ally has grown with CBI and we look forward to continuing to positively impact Charlotte together.”


Rizer described how Ally’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is manifest both within their organization, as well as in their philanthropic activities:  “We’re proud of the culture we’ve built within Ally. We’ve been working for several years to create an environment where all backgrounds, experiences, interests and skills are respected, appreciated and encouraged. We believe racial injustice and inequity must be actively recognized, confronted, and addressed.  We do this by coming together to celebrate differences; listening to community partners, Ally associates and customers; having hard conversations; and taking actions that promote equity. Importantly, we have established and grown relationships with key organizations like CBI, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and many others that promote racial equity across our country. These relationships help us work to better understand challenges, increase economic mobility and end generational poverty in disenfranchised communities.”


Rizer continues: “About five years ago, shortly after our relatively young company went public, we began to lay the groundwork for the Diversity & Inclusion infrastructure that is core to Ally’s strategy and culture. Since then, we have deployed billions into low/moderate income communities through various loans and investments; provided millions in grants that address race; partnered with dozens of organizations to promote equity; developed programs and services that promote financial literacy and opportunities; and created many internal programs that foster an inclusive and welcoming work environment. More than ever, we are committed to diversity and inclusion and to being a part of the solution.


“We recognize that issues of equity and inclusion are complex, but all of us must act. Ally is working hard to ensure that we are intentionally considering steps we can take to further financial and social inclusion for our customers, communities and employees. We want to part of the solution that helps all members of our communities thrive. Ally is grateful to work so closely with CBI, which is leading the way on these important issues at a critical time in history.”

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