Coffee and Conversation: Equity in the Workplace/Black Women Equal Pay Day

August 11, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Goodwill Opportunity Campus
5301 Wilkinson Blvd
NC 28208

The Census Bureau reports that women working full-time in this country earned 83 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2021. That means, on average, a woman would need to work approximately 440 days to earn the same amount her male counterpart would take home in a year. That’s about 75 extra workdays, or 2.5 months!

If the gender wage gap was eliminated, the average woman would have enough additional money every year to take care of themselves and their families. Women and their communities cannot afford to pursue the life they want to achieve.

The gap becomes even wider when we account for race and ethnicity. While Asian American women are paid 85 cents for every dollar paid to white men, Black women only make 63 cents; Native American women make 60 cents; and Latinx women make a mere 55 cents on the dollar.

It takes an intentional and concerted effort to ensure fair and inclusive pay policies. Although we know employers can be a great asset in helping to close the wage gap within their organizations, we still must address the federal policies that prevent all women from achieving equal pay and economic security.

Join us August 11 for Coffee & Conversation as we explore how we each can play a role in the fight for gender pay equity in the workplace!

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