CANCELLED: Aftershocks Conversation: Building on the CBI Breakfast

January 18, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  We hope you can join us at a future session, on Feb 11th (11:30am-1pm) or March 15th (9-10:30am).


At CBI, we continually examine what’s in our ground — for us personally as well as for our identity groups, organizations, community, and nation. Our ability to build a more inclusive and equitable future starts when we become more aware of our ground, where we stand, and what shapes us – economic inequality, educational disparities, our community’s enduring legacy of segregation, housing, health disparities and more. The resulting reverberations remind us of our shared responsibility to rebuild on firmer footing. Join us in an exploration of these aftershocks that we began at our 2021 Stakeholders Breakfast.


What aftershocks have you felt most strongly after all we’ve gone through since 2020?

Do you think our country is starting to reckon with its history of racial injustice? If so, how? If not, why not? Have you seen any local changes relative to racial justice? 

How are you reconnecting with the people in your life?  How are you reconnecting within the community?    

What does Charlotte need to do to rebuild? What should we do as a community to be better able to withstand future events like these (the pandemic, housing crisis, educational lapses, economic losses, etc.)? 

What’s one thing that you could (re)commit to doing, that would help you feel like you’re part of moving this community forward? 

What are you most hopeful about? Who or what inspires you? 


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