CBI Launches Human Together Podcast!

CBI is excited to present our first collaborative podcast, entitled Human Together!  The podcast is produced in partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, with whom CBI has convened multiple Equity Impact Circles.


The Human Together podcast developed from an idea that arose during one of these Equity Impact Circles, which took place during CML’s Community Read in 2021.  It is also loosely based on the Human Library concept.  The podcasts are created as an opportunity for the community to get to know each other, individually, one member at a time.  Each episode allows listeners to gain a better perspective of an individual’s past and current experiences, with the goal of building empathy and developing one’s own capacity to consider community issues through an equity lens.


Prior to each interview, the podcast guests are asked to watch the Chimamanda Adichie TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story”.   In it, Adichie postulates that “stories can be used to empower and to humanize.”  As CML and CBI staff interview members of the community, podcast listeners are given the opportunity to virtually connect with the guests through their stories, and lay waste to the idea of a “single story” for a group of people.


To learn more about Human Together and for the link to listen to the episodes, please visit CBI’s Suggested Listening Resources page or visit Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s Digital Branch.  If you would like to be a guest on the Human Together Podcast so the community can get to know YOU, please complete this online application.

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