A Statement on the Killing of Tyre Nichols

CBI is deeply saddened by the recent killing of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers.  Like many of you, we are tired of reading these headlines. It is no secret that the relationship between law enforcement and people of color has historically been problematic, and this incident only serves to further traumatize communities that are already in pain. The fact that in this instance the officers perpetrating the violence were also Black speaks to the complexity and systemic/structural nature of racial violence and police brutality.

Accountability must be the goal of any efforts taken up by the community, and we are ALL “the community”. As we collectively support each other in our shared humanity, we must resolve to call attention to unacceptable behavior by those in power; pressure them to take steps to course-correct; and create space for healing by acknowledging injustice.

CBI has been holding space for community healing for 25 years. We recognize that historical and contemporary power structures have created disproportionate opportunities and barriers, as well as placed some communities in harm’s way while others are free to thrive within the status quo. CBI is committed to engaging and transforming individuals and organizations that are knowingly, or unknowingly, perpetuating these inequitable power structures. With this in mind, and to facilitate healing from this most recent tragedy, CBI will create and host a virtual Community Healing Space on Monday January 30th at 4pm. To register and receive the link, please CLICK HERE .

We encourage you to share this information and the registration link within your own communities and on social networks.  We will see you on Monday.  In the meantime, take care of yourselves.  If you have ideas, concerns, or simply need support, don’t hesitate to reach out.



The CBI Team

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