Feedback & Testimonials


Here's what recent graduates had to say about their year-long experience in LDI:

LDI was valuable/highly valuable for me because...

"It gave me tools I can use across both my professional and personal life, inside and outside my organization."

"LDI was phenomenal.  It was well-organized, thought-provoking and brought about intentional change over a period of time. It had just the right amount of push, discussion and interaction.LDI also stimulated me to take an even stronger role in making an impact in my community."

"LDI was transformational to my view of myself and others."

"Each of us has missing pieces in our handling of racial inclusion and equity. LDI reveals those and provides an opportunity to strengthen them."

"It was a very intense and powerful learning opportunity.  Having time to interact in an honest, but protected, environment is rare, and having that interaction facilitated by professionals is unique."

"I came out with valuable information that I know can be used in my current and future leadership journey."

"I finished the class better skilled and equipped to influence."

"Having participated in other leadership programs, they often seem to be based on one model or concept, but LDI incorporated lots of different concepts plus specific factual information."

"LDI exceeded my expectations in terms of giving me specific tools and experiences that I will apply throughout my career and life."

"I learned new tools and strengthened my existing tools for being a catalyst for change."

The most important outcome from LDI for my organization is...

"Becoming more strategic in our personnel and hiring practices, and better understanding the people we serve."

"A greater awareness of inclusion of others not typically included in the decision making process"

"A stronger voice at the leadership level pushing our organization to go further and deeper into our work in areas of access,diversity and inclusion will continue to make inclusion and equity core values of my organization over the long term and to grow the diversity of my staff."

"As a representative of a public sector agency, I feel strongly that we have professional obligations to be transparent, to be customer-focused, to mirror our customers, to be of the people, by the people and for the people.  LDI helps forge discussion around the practical application of that principle, and helps leaders – public as well as private – come to terms with whether they are willing to model that principle."

As a result of LDI, what I'll do more of / less of is...

"I already thought I was pretty open-minded and broadly I've realized how much further I can expand/grow."

"I will be more vocal, when necessary, to make those at the table more aware of inequity."

"As a newcomer to Charlotte, I have been somewhat reticent about "raising my voice" on local issues of concern.  LDI has helped me realize that I can be an advocate for inclusion and equity, even now."

"I'll be more proactive in looking for opportunities to influence. I recognize as a result of LDI that I was too passive, or maybe just
unaware, related to inclusion.  I now feel more confident in my abilities to influence, and more aware of what to look for."


Here's what recent participants have to say about their LU40 experience:

"I've met and had conversations with community leaders that I probably would not have met if it were not for LU40."

"My goal is to help make Charlotte a more understanding community. This program has given me the tools to help do that in my personal and professional spheres."

"I've never experienced an environment like this. I now have an awareness and a network I've never had before."

"The people I've met through LU40 and the experiences we've shared have been truly impactful and life changing for me!"

"I have applied what I have learned to my personal life, business, family and community.  I am a better citizen of Charlotte because of this experience."

"LU40 has been one of the most impactful and meaningful experiences I've had since moving to Charlotte 12 years ago."


"Charlotte in Black & White...and More" BUS TOURS

When asked "what was most valuable about your bus tour experience," sample responses have included:

"Deeper insight about the intersections of race, ethnicity and economics"

"Learning so much more about Charlotte history that I didn't know"

"Hearing the history of charlotte through a diversity and inclusion lens"

"Getting to see the history of our city and understanding how best to engage communities that have long been disenfranchised"

"Meeting such a diverse group of people from all across Charlotte"

"I've lived in Charlotte for 58 years and have never seen those neighborhoods."

"The wealth of history and historical context that I learned about Charlotte. Having lived here for just over 2 1/2 years, my eyes were really opened and my view expanded."

"The chance to have a direct dialogue about the history of race relations in Charlotte"