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Talking Together in Challenging Times
By now each of you is aware of the shooting that took place in Charlotte on Tuesday afternoon (09.21.16) and the reactions that followed last night and into the early morning. Perhaps you may have followed the various statements that have been issued at Wednesday's press conference and through other media sources. Within a story and circumstance that is sadly all too familiar we confront a story that is part of our national narrative but that will unfold over the next days and weeks in our community. We have a chance to see ourselves within the story - some more directly than others - and to work together for understanding, response and change.

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Ferrell Kerrick Talk About Guide
The community's response to the mistrial verifies that different people and groups see the Ferrell/Kerrick story in different ways - and this further reinforces the need for authentic connection and conversation. Our hope is that these discussions will help identify forces that contribute to the environment and events surrounding the shooting and trial.

To download the "Talking About Ferrell / Kerrick Story" discussion guide, click here

Charleston Talk About Guide
Charleston is going "into the ground" whether we talk about it or not - but our hope is to help people get talking. In the spirit of the President's admonition that we not go back to business as usual, CBI and OZS Consulting offer this simple guide to help you connect with others as you reflect on and talk about what happened in Charleston, what it means for you personally, and what it means for our community here in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

To download the "Talking About Charleston Story" discussion guide, click here


Books & Articles

Best General History
Charlotte: A Brief History
- by Mary Norton Kratt

Sorting Out the New South City: Race Class & Urban Development in Charlotte
- by Tom Hanchett

Civil Rights/schools
Dream Long Deferred
- by Frye Gaillard (be sure get 3rd edition, carries the story thru 2005)

Thriving in the Shadows: The Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
- by Fannie Flono

Challenges/opportunities today
Charlotte, NC: Global Evolution of a New South City (incl. Hanchett’s Salad Bowl Suburbs)
- edited by Bill Graves and Heather Smith


Levine Museum of the New South 200 East Seventh Street, 28202
Johnson C. Smith University 100 Beatties Ford Road, 28216

Equity Resources

Community Equity Profiles
During our December 2012 Stakeholders Breakfast, we introduced our Community Equity Profile Cards – and we are happy to share them with you. The data presented on each card comes from a Brookings Institution study about who makes it to the middle class in America.

Download a set of Equity Cards