LU40 Class 7

LU40 Class3

What LU40 Means

What LU40 has meant to me:

“Not only did I get to know a group of people outside of my current professional world, I learned to meet people where they are not where I am. The art of dialogue, listening and facilitating are things of which you can't get enough practice. So having the opportunity to do this on a regular basis with a group of passionate people was invaluable.”

LU40 5“Being apart of LU40 was a tremendous opportunity for me to learn and connect with the city of Charlotte as well as other like minded young professionals in the community. The topics covered and information shared through the monthly sessions has enriched me both personally and professionally. For example, I will always reflect on my learning about the art of dialogue and will work to apply those learnings in all aspects of my life. The people I've met through LU40 and the experience we've shared, has been truly impactful and life changing for me!”

“LU40 has taught me how to open my ears to listen without judgment; it has helped me to open my eyes to see all that Charlotte has to offer; and it has allowed me to speak without the fear of being "incorrect". LU40 has introduced me to new friends, new skills, and a whole new Charlotte.”

“Being a part of LU40 has taught me so much about the cultural growth and transformation of Charlotte and beyond. As a transplant, I feel a greater connection with Charlotte and a desire to serve the amazing diverse communities within the area. Professionally, LU40 has taught me the important of truly understanding and connecting with the people I serve so that I can provide personalized care at a whole new level.”

“The LU40 program has meant the opporunity to learn more about this community with other young adult leaders that make up a broad cross section of the city. I have learned to listen more, think collaboratively and gained new perspective from others. I have applied what I have learned to my personal life, business, family and community. I am a better citizen of Charlotte because of this experience and hope to be an example that others can learn from. Charlotte is a better place when the city is represented by all and not a few.”

“It has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other young leaders in our city. LU40 has created the potential for exciting new synergies and partnerships to develop that will mean a tremendous amount of positive change for our city.”

LU40 6“LU40 has provided me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a Charlottean. It has taught me how to apply a new lens to view life and how to be open to differing points of view.”

“LU40 has been a big surprise to me. I did not know what I was getting into and it turned into a great way to learn about our community, Charlotte's history, and meet great people. “

“LU40 has given me the unique opportunity to make connections, grow in my skill of listening to understand as opposed to listening to debate and grow in confidence.”

“LU40 was a great opportunity to build relationships, learn about the history of our community as well as discuss present day challenges.”

“LU40 is a tremendous reminder that collective minds produce an unstoppable force. The opportunity to connect with such inspiring and good-intentioned people assures me that our community is in good hands as we look towards the future. On a very personal level, I am extremely honored and humbled to have been nominated and selected to participate in the inaugural class of LU40. To watch the program's evolution into such a powerful and necessary product has been extrodinary and I can't thank to leadership and staff enough for their support.”

“LU40 has fortified my faith in this community to attract people of such diverse interests and backgrounds. I feel extremely fortunate to be exposed to a generation of emerging difference makers, who have shown so much promise and drive to make an impression on the community in which they live. The occupational composition of this group alone has been a noteworthy reminder of the various segments necessary to make up a culturally rich metropolitan area like ours. In fact, there's an ironic--but certain--comfort in having so many "seats at the table" and so many different eyes from which to assess problems and envision solutions. Not a bad example at all for us to take into back into the professional and social arenas from which we've come. I'm quite grateful for this experience.”

LU40 7“LU40 has been one of the most impactful and meaningful experiences I've had since moving to Charlotte 12 years ago. Discussing, thinking about and sharing thoughts around important topics in our community has been a wonderful opportunity. The ability to collaborate with a group of very talented and respected people in the community has been exceptional; I just wish it could last longer. It has been a great experience that I will not soon forget and has helped me feel more connected to the community.”

“LU40 has given me an opportunity to connect with others within my age group who are striving for success and to make a difference in the Charlotte community. The connection is powerful because we get to share successes, experiences, mistakes, and missed opportunities with one another. This allows us to learn and actively participate in one another's growth. I missed a few sessions, but the overall experience has been excellent. The CBI Staff and program facilitators have been extraordinary. I look forward to lasting relationships and greater community building.”

“LU40 has helped me to develop strong relationships with a group of peers that are activly making a difference in the development and sustainablilty of our community.”

LU40 8
“An opportunity to connect with a new Charlotte family. We have grown together by offering our unique experiences and listening to each other's perspectives with intention. Our dialogue is always meaningful and inspiring, and something we will take with us as we strive to make a positive impact on our community.”

“LU40 has helped me be more introspective. I have learned how to take the time to give my opinions time to form, to dialogue with others, and to give my actions meaningful purpose. I have been impressed with the young learship in the group. I am proud to be associated with them and happy to have developed strong relationships that I will cherish. LU40 has taught me how to be responsible to my community, to lay down roots and to engage people in significant dialogue. We can use this knowledge base to build our community to be stronger and more connected.”

“This experience has been inspiring and encouraging knowing that there are so many authentic, smart and community-minded professionals in our city. This IS the group that's going to get it done. I have no doubt about it. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this enriching pilot program.”

“I enjoyed learning how Charlotte-Mecklenburg is changing along with its successes, challenges and opportunities…and seeing where I can plug in.”

“LU40 has opened my eyes to 39 other people who have a lot of similarities with me, but who also have very different backgrounds, different perspectives, different talents, and different passions. But, what is abundantly clear is that we all share a passion for each other and for our community. LU40 has helped me appreciate the beauty in our similarites and our differences. The word that will stay with me from LU40 is: dialogue. What a simple, but awesome concept.”

LU40 9“How can I even begin to put this into words…I have a greater and deeper understanding of myself. My beliefs, values and ideals - how and when they were shaped, and why. Starting here, LU40 began to help me understand those of others, and to begin to look through their eyes. LU40 has given me a greater confidence in myself and my leadership abilities. Simply being considered being a part of this group was an honor. Through my experience in LU40, although I am still not always comfortable, I am willing to now step outside my comfort zone, am willing to speak up, take on a larger role, and not to shy away from discussion. I've realized that intense discussion can help shape and refine your opinions, instead of just conveying and pushing for them. I believe I can also better articulate myself, which is something I feel like I have struggled with in the past.”

“LU40 has been an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people, share personal experiences, and talk honestly about isues of equity and inclusion. I have learned so much about Charlotte's past, present and future, and I very excited to be a part of a group that is helping shape a shared vision of inclusivity. “

“An opportunity to see Charlotte through a lens other than mine. An opportunity to engage in candid yet respectful, healthy yet sometimes uncomfortable, dialogue and conversation about our community without a pre-determined goal.”

Because of LU40, I am more. . .

  • Aware
  • Open
  • Connected
  • Responsible
  • Involved
  • Excited
  • Quick to listen
  • Open minded & connected
  • Confident in my abilities

Because of LU40, I am less. . .

  • Complacent
  • Confined in my thinking
  • Guarded
  • Judgmental
  • Satisfied
  • Shy
  • Ignorant
  • Isolated
  • Hesitant