Stakeholders Breakfast 2012

Convening, Connecting & Celebrating

First organized in 1999, the Stakeholders Breakfast is an annual event hosted by Community Building Initiative (CBI) in order to gather the key funders and community stakeholders to update them on the group’s work, celebrate the year’s accomplishments, and present plans for the upcoming year, encouraging continued support for CBI. These annual events are important for both the present and future of CBI because it allows them to share and address current issues, while also receiving direct feedback regarding community concerns that could be addressed by CBI and partnering organizations. The CBI Stakeholders Breakfast consistently sets the platform for a diverse, cross-section of the community to connect, mutually benefiting one another.

CBI’s most recent Stakeholder’s Breakfast was held on December 7th of 2012; the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte was the hosting venue.  


Theme varies each year, with 2012’s theme begging the question, “What will you do with the cards you’ve been dealt?”

This theme was reflected in the speeches and the group discussions, as well as in the centerpieces, which were comprised of cards. The principal discussion implored participants to determine their own cards, whether received by birth or by choice, and to consider and discuss the affects these cards might have.

During the event, testimonial speakers, introduced by Dianne English, mused on the ways CBI has touched their lives, with one noting, “It’s amazing how much influence a group of people can have.”

Another testimonial speaker spoke to the diversity and inclusion that rests at the core of the CBI mission, saying, “Embracing our diversity is what’s going to keep us on the map as a progressive city.”

The testimonial speakers were followed by a series of motivating and thought-provoking speeches. One of these speakers was Tom Ross, the President of the University of North Carolina and the keynote speaker of the morning.

“I learned that justice matters and that injustice affects real people in real ways,” Ross said.

Following Ross was Reverend Claude Alexander, whose engaging speech encompassed the theme of cards. He said, “It’s not the hand you’ve been dealt; it’s the game being played and the rules of the game.”

The Stakesholder Breakfast sparked complex, enduring conversation long after the event ended.   Event-goers continued their reflective dialogue on Twitter, utilizing the hashtag #CBICards. Participants and partners left the event contemplating their own cards, inspired to continue promoting inclusion and equality.

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