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Stakeholders Breakfast

Stakeholders Breakfast


Annetta Watkins Foard


Stakeholders Breakfast

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More than 600 people decided the CBI Stakeholders Breakfast was a can’t-miss event. They woke up very early, navigated morning traffic, and arrived at an uptown hotel starting at 7 am to connect with friends and colleagues.

It takes a special event to accomplish that. CBI and the breakfast are meaningful and essential to our community. Two particularly strong elements were evident this year:

  1. CBI develops leadership in creative ways. The breakfast featured presentations, music, poets, video, structured conversations, and even old-school (make that middle school!) fortune-tellers to prompt us on new ways to think about familiar stories.
  2. The breakfast was refreshment for the soul. Both new and experienced leaders are attracted to CBI and the breakfast because CBI offers camaraderie, friendship, and insight that they are not getting elsewhere.

The topic of conversation at many tables was, “After the Charlotte uprising, what do we do next?” The 2016 Stakeholders Breakfast reinforced that CBI encourages deeper thinking by individuals and organizations about what it means to have impact, while also sharing opportunities for people to get involved in solutions.

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