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Program (What Happens)

LU40 3LU40 consists of 11 monthly sessions - plus an orientation and a closing celebration. All LU40 sessions are offered on weekdays and typically take place over lunch (11:30 AM - 2:00 PM), with the exception of the half-day Connecting with One Another workshop that launches LU40 and the LU40 Bus Tour and the Speed Dating with Community Leaders sessions which run from 8:30 – 11:30 AM.

Each LU40 session offers members the opportunity to meet people from outside their regular professional and social circles, to build authentic personal relationships, to increase awareness of their own leadership style, to develop the skill of dialogue around significant community issues and to explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

Because LU40 is an iterative program and each session builds on the previous session(s), it is essential that participants prioritize attendance. This is important not only because of the experiences and learnings being provided but also in order to support the building of authentic and meaningful relationships with other class members. LU40 is not a “class” in which missed sessions can easily be made up; rather, consistent participation is crucial for achieving desired results – for participants, for their organizations, and for CBI as the program sponsor.

CBI invites and accepts nominations from a cross-sector group of organizations. The LU40 Selection Committee reviews all nominations and fills each class with a diverse and inclusive group of emerging leaders.


LU40 4LU40 is made possible through the generous support that CBI receives from key program and session sponsors whose investment makes it possible for CBI to include individuals in LU40 who represent a diverse, cross-sector group of community organizations.