Contracted Bus Tours

Contracted tours are available for any corporate or community group that wants to engage its members in an interactive opportunity to explore Charlotte's past, present, and future. Contracted tours are customized by interested organizations with the support of CBI staff. Please contact CBI to learn more about scheduling your contracted tour as well as pricing.

To reserve your seat on a Beyond the Bridge Community Tour, contact Annetta Foard by email at or phone at 704.943.9762.



Response and Reaction

 Our customized tour was offered in conjunction with ASC’s Cultural Leadership Training class, a 9-month program that identifies emerging civic and business leaders and helps them develop into productive volunteers and board candidates for cultural organizations across our community. Incorporating the CBI tour into their final program session provided an excellent framework for the class to take a closer look at work the cultural sector has been doing around issues of access, diversity and inclusion, and participate in a facilitated discussion about the civic engagement roles they have the opportunity to play as volunteer leaders.

- Katherine Mooring
Arts and Science Council


Moore & Van Allen has a strong and valued relationship with CBI and we consider the organization to be a subject matter expert with regards to exploring issues of racial and ethnic inclusion and equity in the Charlotte community. What sets the CBI tour apart from others is its ability to capture the essence of Charlotte and more importantly, the people who helped to create such a dynamic community. Moreover, the CBI tour adequately pairs historical facts with the personal understandings of its tour participants. This innovative structure of the CBI tour invites riders to share their authentic reactions and personal experiences with one another to create an incredibly genuine exchange.  

The Charlotte in Black and White…And More! bus tour provided Moore & Van Allen staff members with the invaluable opportunity to peel back Charlotte’s layers and explore its rich heritage. Participants are able to gain a unique perspective of our community’s legacy and as a result, are able to better understand how certain historical events and figures helped shape the city that we know and love today. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the tour is the facilitated dialogue that accompanies the program. This format provides a comfortable yet stimulating forum for tour participants to reflect on and discuss themes presented within the tour related to race, ethnicity and Charlotte’s cultural composite. The tour is a terrific way to expose MVA team members to various community issues while simultaneously promoting internal connections among our staff.

- Stephanie Gryder
Moore and Van Allen


With so many new people on our staff, we thought a guided tour of what’s in our ground in Charlotte would help our staff better understand the dynamics in the community, the causes of feelings that continue to live in our community today.  The tour helped us dig beneath the surface to begin to understand where people are coming from.   The guided conversation that followed helped land the day more clearly.  It brought together long time Charlotte staff with newly transplanted staff, building a stronger team as it built a better understanding of the community.   

CBI worked hard to be sure that both the tour and the conversation achieved the multiple goals we had: to increase understanding of the community and of each other. 

The most important things I learned were that the city has unseen stories whose impact we still feel, and that the progress in Charlotte owes itself as much to residents of the east and west as to those in the south.  Individuals of all color and economic status created this city and continue to enrich it today.

- Tom Warshauer
City of Charlotte