2006 – 2007: The Work Continues…Looking Ahead for the Next 10 Years

On January 1, 2006 CBI began operation as an independent non-profit organization, recruiting and expanding its Leadership Team to include five new members. Class IV and Class V of the LDI had their meetings, and previous LDI participants were reunited courtesy of the new LDI Alumni Network. CBI also continued its associations with the Front Porch Grants program and Crossroads Charlotte. Consultant Mary Bruce was engaged by CBI to draft a comprehensive business process outline to clarify roles, improve operational effectiveness and support strategic planning.

In February 2007, CBI began a new collaboration — “Strengthening Inclusion & Equity in the Juvenile Justice System” — with the Juvenile Justice Partnership (JJP). The purpose of this collaborative project was to strengthen the JJP as a team and develop its understanding and capacity for discussing and addressing the impact of race and ethnicity on individuals and agencies working with juveniles. CBI continued to serve as process manager for Front Porch Grants, and launched the 2007 program at the Charlotte Museum of History. 2007 also marked the 10 year anniversary of CBI. To assess CBI’s role in the community, as well as to plan for the future, a series of focus groups involving leaders of various ethnic and religious communities was assembled for four separate meetings. Ideas generated from these extremely productive brainstorming sessions were then compiled and used to design tools for measuring CBI’s effectiveness in achieving their goals, and to help CBI prepare for future work yet to be done. On December 7, 2007 a working session and 10 year Anniversary Celebration was held. Roughly 300 participants celebrated CBI's accomplishments over the decade and used the ideas generated in the brainstorming sessions to guide CBI in its future endeavors and finalize a statement of intent.